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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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attraction. and the oscar goes to ... we peer into the crystal ball today with film critic mike woody ... find out who he says will be the big winners, including a surprise best picture winner. news at four front door open good afternoon ... i'm sonya heitshusen.
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a small town is dealing with a big housing problem. the city of centerville has declared 12 mobile home trailers in the city to be unsafe to live in. and the residents of those trailers weren't given much time to get out. ' i think it kind of sucks..because what i understand they only have seven days,,and they dont have no place to go. centerville has been working with the owners of the highlander mobile home park since last november. concerns over safety of the homes. wednesday...12 homes were notified they have seven days to find a new place to live. 'some of the minimum housing violations..are related to health and safety and the health of the residents. its a very tough situation at this point. were trying to work with the mobile home owner, local agencies the people to find a place to move to. were very proud of our town, and we want people when they come to our town.. to enjoy it and recognize its a good place to live.. were also very interested in the health and safety of all our residents. we reached out to trailer park
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he says the city won't allow him to rent the trailers out ... so he plans to simply give them to the residents so they can move back in. the city has an appeal process for evictions ... but none of the evictees have appealed. on tuesday an incident in the mitchellville women's prison dining hall left four corrections officers in need of medical treatment this man was one of two corrections officers that had to seek treatment outside of the prison... the union that represents the officers says the incident...which they are calling a fight involving multiple inmates and staff...could have been prevented with more staff on duty. the department of correction's account differs though....saying in a statement: one offender was being disruptive in the dining hall and then proceeded to assault a correctional officer, the response to this incident by correctional staff was immediate and
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quickly." the union goes on to say some of these injuries could have been prevented if officers were allowed to carry a common tool in law enforcement. "they had nothing but brute because at this particular prison the warden wont allow pepper spray which is a tool that every other correctional officer in the state of iowa has to use" the statement issued by the department of corrections also corrections is committed to operating safe and secure facilities and will continue to work to improve our operations for the safety of all. though this prison does have pepper spray in the facility, the department of corrections declined to explain why the officers are not allowed to carry pepper spray. the iowa supreme court has thrown out an appeal by a former dci agent ... because he violated a rule that the court doesn't necessarily agree with. larry hedlund claims he was fired by the state for blowing the
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while chauffering the governor. last year part of that lawsuit was thrown out ... and hedlund's attorney appealed. however that appeal was filed more than 30 days after the judge's ruling ... violating a court rule. because of that the court says it must reject hedlund's appeal ... even though that "30-day rule" is still under consideration. despite this setback for hedlund, his full lawsuit against the state is still moving ahead. hedlund was fired by the state two days after reporting that a trooper was driving 19 miles per hour over the speed limit with the governor in the backseat. two more iowan women have contracted the zika virus while traveling abroad. the iowa department of public health says one woman contracted the virus in south america and another in the caribbean. the disease can cause birth defects and is mostly spread by mosquitoes. however the mosquitoes that carry the disease aren't prevalent in iowa. health officials warn anyone traveling to tropical areas to take extra precaution to prevent mosquito bites. an unemployed southern iowa man can stop his job search ... he's now
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this morning publisher's clearing house prize patrol was in osceola to award its youngest ever big prize winner. 21-year old ryan hart won a "lifetime prize" today. he'll be paid five thousand dollars per week for the rest of his life. that's more than a quarter million dollars per year. that story got us thinking about a previous "cash for life" story we told you about. in january a michigan man had his "cash for life" prize auctioned off as part of a bankruptcy hearing. the winner of the auction would be able to claim the prize ... one- thousand dollars per month ... for as long as the now 73-year old jackpot winner stayed alive. the winning bid for the prize was 40- thousand dollars ... meaning someone is banking on the jackpot winner to hopefully reach his 76th birthday and beyond. iowa is in the midst of a
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you've seen the breweries popping up around des moines ... but its not just a city trend. coming up next ... find out who is launching a brewery in madison county, and hear the prohibition era story that inspired it. "the bridges of madison county" came up empty on oscar night 20 years ago. find out who local critic mike woody says won't be empty-handed this sunday. it's as old as the square it sits a popular cafe in
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embarking on a new journey. there are plenty of historic sites and shops along the winterset square, but north-side cafe has been there through it all. it's celebrating one-hundred and forty years this spring. and to give its 140-th anniversary a special kick, the current owners have announced a new endeavor. channel 13's reid chandler shows us how an historic cafe prepares to start its own brewing company. 12:18:20 "people love stories, and a place that's been open 140 years has a lot of history, a lot of stories." - northside cafe/middle river brewing and as one of the most popular stories goes...nearly 100 years ago, during iowa's prohibition era, north-side cafe in winterset was where patrons could sneak a drink. 12:13:51 "one of my favorite owners was harry gaspari - he
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during prohibition. and it's been rumored that special customers could get a little extra in bottle in a cigar box to go." - michele jahncke - owner, northside cafe/middle river walked out of the same screen door that slams shut every time a customer walks in today. celebrating square, current co-owner, cafe in a new direction. 12:17:24 "we'll be brewing a bohemian-style pilsner, and a stout - specifically named george stout - for the monument's man. and also, a be non- alcoholic." - michele jahncke - owner, northside cafe/middle river brewing they'll call it "middle river brewing company"... it'll open this summer, on the second floor of north-side cafe. 12:25:23 "i would say for the most part people are very excited and chomping at the bit wishing it was here sooner than later." - michele jahncke - owner, northside cafe/middle river brewing for loyal customers like connie bosier - this is the place to be. 12:38:09 "i am a
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my second home." - connie bosier - customer bosier comes here daily for a cup of coffee or some lunch...she's not big into the craft beer scene, but she's excited for the cafe's new adventure. 12:41:39 "i think it's always interesting that way to see how they bring in other people, and newer people, and keep them." - connie bosier - customer until the beers start brewing, jahncke's hoping to get some help from the community to keep the historic look of northside cafe intact. 12:28:00 "the goal is $15,000. we want to improve the face of the building, because the building - 140 years old - has seen a lot of wear." - michele jahncke - owner, northside cafe/middle river brewing and once middle river brewing joins northside cafe on the square, jahncke says her shop's 140-th year will be one to remember. 12:19:54 "we kind of want to bring that all together here - the past, the present, and the future. we've been open 140 years, we want to be open 140 more." - michele jahncke - owner, northside cafe/middle river brewing in winterset, reid chandler, channel 13 news. north-side cafe will host a celebration for its 140-th anniversary on march 5-th from 4 to 8 p-m. the cafe will offer free craft beer flights from other local breweries, and the owners say they may just have a few early versions of their own
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winds will remain light and skies will remain clear as we
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evening and overnight hours. temperatures will drop back to right around the freezing mark before we see a major warm up during the day on saturday. winds will pick up from the southwest and the sun will be shining, both of which will help boost temperatures into the upper 50s and lower 60s saturday afternoon. by sunday a weak cold front will move through and although winds will around 35 mph, temperatures will hang out in the middle 50s during the day as the sunshine will
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will the 7th time playing rocky balboa be the charm for sylvester will the 7th time playing rocky balboa be the charm for sylvester stallone? coming up next we welcome local oscar prognosticator mike woody in to tell us who will win
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names are pulled from the envelope on oscar night. will this year be the year for leonardo dicaprio? we'll find out on sunday night at the oscar telecast in hollywood ... but why wait that long? we have our own living breathing oscar crystal ball to tell us who will
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a gunman opens fire on his workplace, killing three and injuring more than a dozen others. we have the latest on the investigation into what sparked last night's mass shooting in kansas. the clock is ticking ... find out if apple will abide by a judge's orders and help the fbi break into a terrorist's phone before today's deadline passes. and the war of words that started at last night's debate continued today. find out who is joining donald trump in attacking marco rubio and ted cruz ... and how they are responding just days before super tuesday. news at four front door the search for answers continues
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and injured 14 others in a kansas shooting last night. tonight, the governor of that state is calling the officer who shot and killed the gunman a "hero". nbc's chris pollone has the story. as investigators try to figure out why a worker at this lawn equipment factory opened fire... killing three and injuring 14 thursday... they're also learning more about -how- the attack unfolded. governor sam brownback says the rapid response of police that saved lives. kansas :17 - :29"the hesston police chief in particular went in immediately to address the situation, rather went service." a police officer went into the building after cedric ford. he confronted ford and shot and killed him. sheriff's deputies served ford with an order to stay away from his girlfriend
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"he didn't display anything that was outrageous. he was just upset that he was getting this order." then police say ford, armed with a rifle and a handgun... shot two people... apparently random victims... stole a car... and came to excel industries. "and more people running and all of a sudden pop pop pop, i started running too. within moments, the shooting was over... and ford was dead. "this man was not going to stop shooting.. the only reason he stopped shooting was because that officer shot the shooter." as this small community mourns those lost, we're starting to learn more about the people taken in this mass shooting... according to family members, one of those killed was a man named josh higbee... two other families are feeling the same pain. chris pollone, nbc news, hesston, kansas. today president obama called the mayor of hesston to offer condolences to the people here and to offer gratitude to the first responders who risked their lives to save others. today was the deadline for apple to respond to a federal court
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into an i- phone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists. but the company does not appear ready to comply. apple attorney ted olson compared what the court is ordering to torture ... and called it a clear violation of the u-s constitution. "we have to do everything possible to defeat terrorism, to defeat and capture and punish people like osama bin laden and so forth, but we can't do it by breaking our constitution, we have got to stop at some place, we cannot break someone's back in order to get them to tell somebody where somebody else is." "if we're saying there's a serious threat, throw out the constitution in order to prevent that threat, where do we draw the line?" olson wouldn't say exactly how far apple is willing to take the matter. however he did say that this is the type of legal question the u-s supreme court should weigh in on. after a wild debate last night it was an even wilder day today
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republican presidential candidates. meanwhile democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders have another major primary tomorrow. steve handelsman has the story .. . no warning! chris christie and donald trump just showed up together in ft worth. "and trump can beat hillary clinton, christie said :20-:24"i think that this is the one endorsement that i felt very strongly about and wanted to get." before he dropped out, christie had battled trump now the fight is for super tuesday. new jersey :30-:33"i want texas tuesday." last night's texas debate was fiery :35-:37"this guy's a choke artist, and this guy's a liar." for ted cruz, winning at home, on tuesday in texas, is a must :42-:45 "if donald trump is our very is in super tuesday attack-trump mode :49-:46 "the charade is up. this is a con job
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melting down :59-1:02"that's rubio." democrat hillary clinton had hoped for today's spotlight 1:05-1:08"i need your vote tomorrow in south carolina... where the democrats' primary is tomorrow... clinton has the support of african americans ...the key to a win nats: thanks for coming bernie sanders seen by many blacks in south carolina as unproven back to the republicans. if trump is the nominee might christie be his running mate?? christie said he plans to remain new jersey's governor 'til his term ends in 2018 i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, columbia, south carolina. everyone is looking ahead to super tuesday ... and everyone has the same question: will it signal an end to the nomination process. coming up next our insiders weigh in on when the dust will
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will the 2016 presidential
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of the disaffection? the frontrunners for each party right now are also the candidates with the
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political director dave price sat down with insiders mike mahaffey and jerry crawford to talk about the frontrunners path to the nomination ... and how democrats and republicans could be switching parties in november. mike on your side is this race over ... its a question of psychology ... at some point someone has to keep winning other than donald trump ... cruz is weakest in states where its winner takes all ... its over i think its been over for a long long time ... carson stays in to torment cruz? is that your conspiracy? ... the right question is who will be the next person to get out, its when will the next person get out ... need a cleaner shot at him and you can't get that with this crowded field ... if were to get out and throw his support to someone else ... someone has to beat donald trump somewhere like ohio or michigan ... its pretty clear trump and kasich are flirting with one another ... i'm going to throw you a softball ... the dynamics have shifted on the democratic side after nevada ... he needed some momentum ... its hard to see how he remains strong and viable after super tuesday ... she's was going to go everywhere in the country fight for every vote tooth and nail ... a fairly well known republican at the statehouse ... if this is
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people on his side will have to go clinton ... there are as many disaffected democrats going to trump ... winds will remain light and skies will remain clear as we go throughout the evening and overnight hours. temperatures will drop back to right around the freezing mark before we see a major warm up during the day on will have to go clinton ... there are as many disaffected democrats going to trump ... winds will remain light and skies will remain clear as we
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evening and overnight hours. temperatures will drop back to right around the freezing mark before we see a major warm up during the day on saturday. winds will pick up
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both of which will help boost temperatures into the upper 50s and lower 60s saturday afternoon. by sunday a weak cold front will move through and although winds will be gusty from the northwest around 35 mph, temperatures will hang out in the middle 50s during the day as the sunshine will return. ad lib main weather coming up next ... find out who was called in to wrangle a
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earlier this month a runaway goat was brought to justice in iowa city after weeks on the run. yesterday california authorities were in hot pursuit of an even stranger four-legged escapee. police couldn't believe what they were hearing on their radios last night. callers were reporting a mythical creature had jumped out of a fairy tale and onto the streets. cover with picture of unicorn @41-45 "the calls were coming in as a unicorn running around out there on the roadway." when officers are on scene this is what they found. it's a 20-year old pony named juliette ... with a decorative head piece. the state patrol tried and failed to slow the horse down ... so a neighbor on horseback was called into to corral her. where would you go if you were offered a free roundtrip ticket to
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week jetblue made that offer to 150 passengers ... but there was a catch. they all had to agree to go to the same place. jetblue conducted the vacation caucus on board the plane with passengers voting with red and blue signs. they began by choosing between a domestic or international destination then narrowed it down until they had a winner. 35-42 "150 random strangers have chosen unanimously to go to costa rica? " we'll be back in three minutes
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right now. teenagers face a lot of tough
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the one's they're talking about today, the event that brings them together and the ways they say they deal with the pressure. and you may have seen this video of an e-cigarette exploding. how it happened.... and the iowa man who had a similar experience. and an iowa boy and country superstar meet this week.. how the two found each other... and why the singer's music means so much to the eight year old... teens from all over the city met today to tackle tough issues head on.... good evening, i'm erin kiernan. and i'm sonya heitshusen. thanks for joining us. students from des moines area high schools met for the third annual teen summit today... the event gives them several ways to express themselves through art and spoken word... stephanie moore has the story... first on thirteen... "they say it shouldn't be said because of history.... teens across des moines came together to express themselves... 'its basically
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fellowshipping and understanding each others stories.' the annual teen summit took on some heavy topics this year including white privilege, the 'n' word and the media's influence on society.... 'its so important that we give our young people safe and brave spaces to have these conversations to grapple with these issues to learn how to respectively disagree with each other and to just provide them opportunities to be leaders in their community.' emily lang helped start the urban leadership class at central campus, a class that has grown from just thee short years...the annual summit hard work... 'we wanted to create an event that brought young people from all over the city together to discuss social issues, and create art using one of the urban art forms and we wanted it to be youth led, youth produced.' the two day event offers town hall style meetings and artistic workshops like graffiti writing, street art and spoken word poetry... 'one really cool part about run
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fact that theyre giving teenagers the power to have their voices heard.' jalesha johnson helped lead one of the townhalls and said the event has provided a safe place for teens to tackle social issues head on... 'i think its important that we have it in des moines, because a lot of times people think iowa is perfect and corn and there are problems going on here and i think its really important that we have an outlet to talk about those problems and have people relate to those problems and listen to us.' tomorrow the public is invited to a community showcase featuring all the art the teens created as well as a performance from joshua bennett, who is national poet. the event tomorrow will be held at performing arts hall on drake university's campus at 1:00 p.m.


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